Artistes et Dessins

Les dessins :

Our gratitude goes to all the artists, for their art, for their participation to this event, and for proposing many drawings specifically related to childhood.

Special thanks to mounir fatmi who contributed a drawing inspired by his video Beautiful Language (which just was honored by the 2011 Cairo Biennial Award), a video itself inspired by the film L’enfant sauvage by François Truffaut. This drawing will be the symbol of our actions – and to Tracey Emin who graciously offered a drawing of which the whole selling amount will go to Fondation Prim’Enfance.

Les artistes :

Tatiana Arce
Francis Baudevin
Vanessa Beecroft
Pascal Berthoud
Katie Brookes
David Casini
Alex Cecchetti
Baptiste Cesar
Mat Collishaw
Jacques Coulais
Colin Cyvoct
Leslie Deere
Pierre Desclouds
Jessica Diamond
Tracey Emin
mounir fatmi
Bob Flanagan
Mark Gonzales
Marie Hendriks
Marc Horowitz
Packard Jennings
Elena Kovylina
Miltos Manetas
Amedeo Martegani
Daria Martin
Andrea Mastrovito
Luc Mattenberger
Robert Montgomery
Nicolas Party
Leonardo Pivi
Nathalie Rebholz
Rebecca Sauvin
Fraser Sharp
Marcello Simeone
Ornela Vorpsi
Jeanine Woollard


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